International report


  1. This is the international report on the level of food safety knowledge among organic stakeholders. Each Partner was involved in the activities leading to the development of the final output.
  2. The survey analyses concluded that organic food producers have limited access to science-based knowledge and the possibility to gather the necessary knowledge in the area of organic food safety. The report therefore identifies the defined needs and current gaps of knowledge, in order to adjust the SAFE-ORGfood teaching materials to the specified needs.
  3. The report is based on the survey carried out by the representatives of each of the 5 partner universities, from 5 EU countries. The survey was carried out with a sufficient number of entrepreneurs representing organic food production, processing and distribution in each of the five countries.
  4. The results are summarized for all countries as well as presented separately for each country.

Our extra achievement is an article published in a good quality scientific journal (“Assistance needed for increasing knowledge of HACCP food safety principles for the organic sector in selected EU counties” (